Food Processing Software: eFood-ERP

Improve your bottom line with a customized Food Processors ERP system

Successful food processors do three things well:

  1. Produce the right products
  2. In the right quantities
  3. At the right time

The right technology can help you balance the right products, quantities and time better and add profit to your bottom line. eFood-ERP delivers powerful software for food processors and financial management solutions all in one package. eFood-ERP software is designed to give you a single view into all of your systems, including grower accounting, inventory management, the supply chain and more.

Designed for Food Processors ERP needs

The robust functionality of eFood-ERP delivers the control and insight you need to streamline processes, reduce costs, and increase your margins. But that's just a start. eFood-ERP can also help you:

  • Manage grower contracts and accounting so you can negotiate better terms with growers and suppliers
  • Reduce raw material costs with better planning and vendor performance information
  • Respond quickly to changes in supply, customer needs, and manufacturing capacities
  • Streamline product receiving and grading
  • Improve food safety with integrated governmental compliance functionality
  • Improve order fulfillment and accuracy—with real-time visibility into inventory levels, available to promise, capable to promise, order status and more
  • Operate more efficiently with production order management, flexible bills of materials, supply planning and capacity requirements planning
  • Automate plant maintenance tasks

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