Food Safety and Quality Control: eFood-ERP

Built-in quality control procedures assure food safety

Quality Control

Tracking the quality of your products from your growers and suppliers from receipt at the dock, through the production process and to shipment is critical to your business. eFood-ERP lets you easily manage your quality control system with built-in features to help you assign grades, manage testing procedures, set up auto-hold procedures, block failed lots from shipment, and increase inventory visibility, all vital to optimizing your operations.

For most companies in the food and beverage industry, quality control begins the moment products or ingredients arrive at your receiving dock. It is important to not only have the quality control procedures well defined, but to have a system that helps you take human error and chance out of the system. eFood-ERP gives you quality control workflow tracking, multiple tests per lot and multiple fail safe controls to prevent errors. You'll also get historical details on prior test results, the ability to block or control inventory movement pending certain test results. In total—you get the automated quality control tools you need to deliver the high quality results you need for today's competitive marketplace.

Regulatory Compliance

With eFood-ERP you also have the functionality you need to help with regulatory compliance. eFood-ERP helps you make sure your quality procedures are followed and gives you both forward and backward traceability and recall notification at the push of a button. Built-in ingredient and nutritional data, ingredient declaration and label printing make nutritional information easy to capture and even easier to report. eFood-ERP helps your team follow regulatory compliance documentation issues with electronic document management and mail merge functionality for lightning fast recall notification. Let eFood-ERP take the worry out of regulatory compliance and recalls.

Certificate of Analysis

eFood-ERP lets you print a Certificate of Analysis (COA) at the time of shipment, and email the Certificate of Analysis (COA) during or after a shipment to one or multiple contacts. And it supports custom Certificate of Analysis (COA) formats by customer if you need flexibility to customize Certificates of Analysis.

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