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Increase efficiency with real-time inventory management

eFood-ERP comes standard with the product receiving and grading solutions you need including integrated scale tickets, catch weights, real-time inventory management, improved accuracy, automated market-rate adjustments.

Integrated Scale Tickets

eFood-ERP integrated scale ticket functionality automatically calculates net truck weight and applies grading and testing analyses input along with grower contract terms to calculate pay rate by product grade for each load.  

Simple input screens decrease errors and improve efficiency. The scale ticket is integrated with the inventory system for real time inventory management and visibility.

Additional functionality allows you to print catch-weight labels, auto-calculate grower association fees and associated taxes, as well as adjustments for freight or delivery charges as needed.

Improved Accuracy

These receiving and grading functions are calculated automatically using the grower contracts so no paperwork or human memory is required to process each load correctly.  

Automated Market-Rate-Adjustments give you Actual Cost-of-Goods Sold (COGS)

The eFood-ERP costing functionality is both powerful and flexible. If your business uses estimated pay rates for commodity products you'll love the easy end-of-season market-rate adjustment automation. Simply post the end-of-season pricing to received product and the cost adjustments will automatically flow through to final goods. You'll get actual cost-of-goods-sold (COGS) on all finished goods—even if you have already shipped it to the customer!

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