Food Distribution ERP: eFood-ERP

Advanced warehouse functionality tailored for food distributors

Advanced Warehouse Features

eFood-ERP includes advanced warehouse functionality that includes first-expiry-first-out (FEFO) and first-in-first-out (FIFO) tracking and pick selection for inventory movements including picking and shipment. In addition to auto-calculating expiration tracking for your products eFood-ERP gives you the tools to automatically hold or block expired lots to prevent you from shipping them by accident. Using FEFO to reduce spoilage in food inventory systems helps your team improve inventory turns and your bottom line.

Custom Bill of Lading and Customer Specific Labeling

eFood-ERP comes standard with customer labeling features including the ability to print pallet labels (license plate) and custom bill of lading (BOL) by customer and/or shipping company. These documents can also be printed with your customer’s item number. And no, you won't need to create duplicate items for the same product—eFood-ERP has built-in support for multiple customer numbers for a single item. So your inventory is more streamlined.

eFood-ERP helps you manage shipping and receiving calendars by stocking location to better balance and manage volumes through your warehouse.

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