Wine Distribution ERP: eFood-ERP

Improve inventory control for wine distribution

eFood-ERP includes the financial management, inventory control, manufacturing, and distribution tools your wine distribution company needs to run smoothly. With customized solutions for the beverage industry you'll get functionality that streamlines your operations from the vineyard to the winery, through distribution to the wine glass.

  • Improve your relationships with vineyards and other suppliers with Grower Accounting and Grower Contract management tools
  • Streamline raw material receiving from vineyards and ingredient suppliers with scale ticket functionality and raw material receiving tools
  • The powerful manufacturing suite allows you to schedule and process multiple production batches at the same time with real-time inventory updates. Additionally, one or more production batches can be used to create multiple finished products in those environments where the same product is sold in multiple sizes, under multiple brand names, or for private label products
  • eFood-ERP allows you to track blending of multiple partial lots into new batches
  • eFood-ERP lot tracking even lets you blend finished product back into new products when needed
  • Every drop of product is tracked and easily reported from the grower’s fields to the shipped product with quick and easy "push button" regulatory compliance
  • eFood-ERP helps wine distribution companies like yours eliminate or greatly reduce supporting paperwork with on-line tracking or scanned document capture and linking to orders

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