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Implement quickly and cost-effectively with a cloud-based ERP

We have all heard about the 'cloud'. Well, cloud computing is here and available on our eFood-ERP products. Get all the same functionality without the need to install or support computer hardware or software. Our cloud-based eFood-ERP solution can be up and running within 2 weeks with no initial cash outlay. One small payment per user per month covers all infrastructure, support and backups of your data. No more need to manage computer headaches; get back to managing your core business.

Also, at any time you decide to move to an 'on-premise' model, all of your data is available as a backup that can be quickly loaded onto your servers.

The cloud-based ERP solution is best suited to small, startup companies, or those who need a fast but stable option to replace a legacy solution which is no longer supported.

Find out more. 35 Questions Every CFO Needs To Ask About ERP Software in The Cloud is a simple, straightforward white paper to help you compare the potential benefits and risks of ERP/accounting software in the cloud. Download it today (PDF).




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