Grower Contract Management System: eFood-ERP

Easily evaluate grower contract performance with built-in features

With eFood-ERP you have the tools you need to streamline the grower accounting process.

eFood-ERP includes built-in custom grower accounting functionality to help you enter and track grower contract terms for each grower. You have the flexibility to set up multiple contracts for each grower and/or product, as well as multiple grades for each product with different pay rates for each product and grade.

Grower contracts are integrated with the purchasing and receiving system to give you real-time information. Stay up-to-date on the number of loads delivered, the poundage by product, by contract, and grower. It's easy to get a snapshot of the current season by grower and product so you'll always know where you stand.

With eFood-ERP you can easily view grower statements including mid-season and end of season statements, run reconciliation reports and drill down into the details with a simple click.

eFood-ERP captures and retains the historical data you need to effectively evaluate grower performance against their contract terms, over previous seasons and compared to other growers. You'll have the information you need to measure their performance and help you with future contract negotiations.

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