Food Distributors ERP: eFood-ERP

Complete visibility of supply chain and sales data

To stay competitive, you need to predict and quickly respond to changing customer demand. The right technology can help. eFood-ERP has the distribution, supply chain management, and financial management tools you need to be successful. It delivers visibility into your inventory levels, sales data, and shipment schedules, giving you confidence and the information to meet customer demands. But that's just a start.

Custom built for Food Distributors ERP needs

eFood-ERP can also help you:
  • Keep your inventory lean
  • Make smarter buying decisions and decrease costs
  • Negotiate better terms with vendors and suppliers
  • Improve customer relationships (quickly make last-minute changes or exceptions)
  • Improve order fulfillment and accuracy (real-time visibility into inventory levels, available to promise, capable to promise, order status and more)
  • Operate more efficiently (improve inventory turns)

Your current accounting and distribution software packages may be limiting your company's ability to meet its business goals. Upgrade now to eFood-ERP and achieve your business potential. Contact your food ERP experts today.


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