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Gain efficiency with data tailored to the needs of job roles

Microsoft Dynamics RoleTailored Views

Imagine all the separate piles of papers on your desk: sales orders, invoices, shipping forms, and returns. Now visualize your desk right on the screen! The RoleTailored views works just like that – it’s data-specific to your role and tailored to your needs.

RoleTailored View screenshot

RoleTailored views by Microsoft Dynamics is an organized, efficient system for company-wide data management. The RoleTailored views allows users to easily find what they need – no more digging through irrelevant information.

It helps to make your business more efficient. And it can easily be used with Outlook, Excel, and other Microsoft products.

MS Dynamics RoleTailored Views Features:

  • Displays and organizes all data and duties relevant to a user’s job
  • Intuitive navigation pane allows easy drill down into menu items
  • Never lose a to-do list again: Task window shows tasks, lists, reports, and more

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Role Centers Demos

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Role Centers –
Part 1
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Role Centers –
Part 2


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